– worthless

So after the experian oopsie, I followed Krebs advice and froze my credit accounts at all four agencies.  The to test it out, I then researched the different protection companies and signed up for IdentityForce for a year, $199, on September 10. Do not remember why I chose them at this point.

They of course  the service showed 2 weaknesses upfront.  The standard socially engineered security question.  Just one.  My suggestion for that is  if you use a password app, use a generated word based password for the question answers.  As is accepted, SMS message with a 2FA code is considered insecure. They send a SMS instead of using or offering the use  of  the google app,  authy, RSA app, Yubi key, or other such software or hardware.

Since my accounts are frozen, their features, what most people think of when they think of these services, unavailable.   Credit rating and credit history tracking.

So as the months went along, I had all my monthly transactions as a wage slave does.  So there is a pattern.  For example one of my credit cards is with my bank were the checking account is. Paying the credit card was a transfer from checking. You would think that would be figured out.  Nope simply because the transaction was over $300, I received one message for the withdrawal and one for the payment.  7 or 8 of these alerts a month.  Almost all the same transactions.

You would think that after  6 months it would learn.  Or there would be an option to tell it certain payment patterns was just fine. NOPE.

I went to cancel, was on hold for 30 minutes, their muzac was nice.  Allowed for the call back.  I called at about 2PM.  The call back was a 5:46AM the next morning.  Called them this morning and someone picked up in  a few minutes. I asked to cancel.

I expected to just be done.  But when you cancel they offer a sorta refund. Instead of prorating the fee, they convert you to monthly and back calculate based on the full $23.95/month. They do not cancel you immediately They cancel the service on the anniversary date of the signup.  This is April 15, my cancellation date is May 10.  So a minor credit.  Which I’ll probably never receive since the credit card they have on file is canceled.

End result, a failed experiment.  No revelations.  No crises. Just another cheaply run financial service taking advantage of us common folk.


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