Alaska Air was the wrong choice

Had to fly to Dulles for a family emergency.  Was booked from SFO to Seatac, then to Dulles. The first flight was on a Virgin air route.  I booked first class.  I am a big guy and in general the tables that pull out from the seat instead of dropping down from the seat in front do not fit.  But this one came down and the swung out a little.  Tight, but fit.  Leg room amaziing.  Butt width reasonable.  Bathroom was tight but that is expected.  There was only one meal choice, and it was tasty.

Now the Alaska flight. Plane was old, still had ashtrays.  Leg room had just about enough space to be comfortable for a 5’6″ person.  Table, did not fit, so the attendant had to offer me my meal is a one plate at a time.  Seat tighter. Smallest bathroom I have ever experienced. The meal smelled bad.  The smell of the badly cooked airline veggies, gross.  The fish was ok.  The dessert was this cherry ice cream with crumbly stuff  in it.  Managed to get a second one, best part of the flight.   The entertainment systems were these metal incased windows pads, heavy.  With my table that did not work, because I am fat, was very glad I had my kindle with me.  You would not want to hold this iPad like thing for several hours.

To the point, going from a Virgin America Flight to an Alaska flight was a downgrade.

The staff on both flight were very nice. I can not fault them for my experience at all.


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